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Shipping Day

If you have a small business running, you probably have a table like this. And you surely experience joy seeing it full, but after a long day, I mean that kind of long days that extend to 3 am, you love to see it clean and neat, too.

This table here is what we call shipping madness day

Our overall processing goes something like this (most times):

  1. We receive your order, you'll get a confirmation email, of course.
  2. After one day or two, we will contact you with the design or some questions if we have any.
  3. We wait for your approval. If we are too close to the shipping day, we might sound a little pushy, like hey, please please, reply.
  4. And then, our table starts looking like this. And the clock starts running faster somehow.

Right now, this happens every Thursday and, the pick-up comes on Fridays at 7 am. If we don't respond to your messages on Fridays, we are probably sleeping or cleaning the mess.

So.. here's a tip from me: if you want your order to ship the same week, you can do this: Order by Tuesday, send all the information about your order, and be sure to reply to our messages as fast as possible.

If you have questions, please contact us!

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  • Leah Racher

    Super cute iridescent tags! I too make my own jewelry and I’m looking for some new acrylic tags. I’m keen on these ones! I’ll be making an order soon!
    Much love from Canada,


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