The coin size reference

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The coin size reference

 “I won’t give it 5 stars because the product is not the size I expected ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

But hey! The size was in the description, both in inches and centimeters, so, how could you?

This is what I bet many of you have heard from your customers and this is also, something you have experienced firsthand. Like us, that recently ordered a ton of paper bags for packaging our products, especially for those small orders we get of only 25 pieces. Long story short, we could only fit 10 pieces… And we work with measures all day long.

So, we decided to make something that will work for both of us. Do you want to know what size of labels you should use in your products? Here are some tips:

1. A coin!
Yes, take a coin and put it on your product. Will that look good? Does it need to be smaller? Maybe bigger? If you have all the answers, you can let us know something like this:
“I need a coin-sized tag, but square. With my logo and 4 holes in each corner”.

And of course, please let me know, what coin are we talking about. A USD quarter, for example, is 0.750 in. or 19.05 mm or 1.905cm.

2. A piece of paper.

This is my personal favorite because you can play a lot with it. You will need scissors, a ruler and of course, paper.

Then, take the paper and start cutting all the way. Do what looks best and send me a picture.

And we will know what to do.

3. A ruler.

If you want to skip the trouble, just take a ruler and place it over your product. What looks best? In this case, you will use your imagination, but luckily and since you are here, you are one of the creatives like us.

If you have questions, please! Please! Contact us. We don’t need to keep losing stars over this, do we?

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