Cutpie Team members

First of all, thank you for passing by. Here you'll read a story of how we ended up making products for branding other people's products.

My name is Paola and, I'm the owner and founder of Cutpie. You'll see, as an architecture student, I've always hated making 3D models. Only a few will understand how much a student would love to have a machine like the ones we have now. I wish I had one when getting my degree.

But also, as a jewelry maker, which was something I did to get some extra money, I needed a way to identify my unique necklaces.

And I found a way to identify them: with acrylic tags, and then and because I am nowhere near being still with just one project, I felt the urge to make these tags myself and ended up with our first machine, the one we called Veronica.

Now we have four machines, which made us able to produce all the +7.000 orders we have received since 2017, and a fantastic team of 8 designers and makers, five cats and one dog, so please excuse us if there's a hair with your order. We try our best to avoid that because we understand some can be allergic, even myself.

With our custom products, our mission is to help small business owners grow by building brand awareness and, our vision is to show the world how important it is to put a name on every creation.

If you read through here, please leave us a comment and I will make sure to give you something in return (can be a coupon or a cat picture).